The team at Pettyjohn Electronics came to us with an amazing studio grade circuit board. The team at Lucid ran with Pettyjohn’s inspirations and designed a vintage inspired over the top antiqued metal housing with vintage knobs and stainless steel accents. Lucid also created the branding, packaging, website, motion graphics, and online graphic advertisements for this award winning, premium grade pedal. VIEW WEBSITE ‹ Back to work

Metolius has built their business on pure passion for rock climbing. A focus has always been designing and building the safest and best rock climbing gear. Lucid worked with Metolius on the product design and develop for the Safetech Helmet. It's safety features allow versatility for any climb; Big Wall, Trad, Sport, Bouldering, Mountaineering, Indoor Climbing Gyms and Training. ‹ Back to work

Bergan is committed to the development of active lifestyle solutions for dog and cat owners. Lucid helped in several different graphic areas for Bergan including, branding, packaging and innovative product designs. Our designs that have helped Bergan win several awards and the hearts of retailers and pet owners alike. ‹ Back to work

e-bi, is focused on delivering unique and leading-edge consumer electronic products with a standard for high quality. Lucid works with e-bi emphasizing on the commitment to innovative design development. Below are some examples of projects we have worked on with e-bi over the past 10 years. This Modular system with a 360 degree rotational hub acts as a car mount, wall mount and easel. It's versatile capabilities make it convenient to use in your home, car and office. Lucid assisted in the product design and development for this item. Lucid helped to design the ...

The principal of Lucid has 20+ years of experience in the cycling industry. What does someone do with all that expertise? They turn it all upside-down of course! Lucid takes vintage bikes and turns them into one of a kind rat-rods with bad-ass attitude. Spencer Street Bicycles churns out award winning, mixed media masterpieces influenced by generations of hot rodders, custom builders, and insane people. Most people would cherish a Western Flyer X-53 Super, screw that! We rat-rodded the hell out of it. ‹ Back to work

Black Diamond uses experiences with rock, ice and snow to push and inspire the best gear possible. The Half Dome excels as one helmet for all occasions, from moderate free climbing and ice to big wall nail-ups and alpine. Our sleek climbing helmet balances being lightweight and durable. The Half-Dome has become a staple for mountain climbing for over a decade. ‹ Back to work

Full90 Sports is a global soccer company dedicated to developing products that help players stay in the game. Lucid has worked in conjunction with Full-90 to develop the FN-1 performance headgear. This is the first and only headgear designed for goalkeepers but also strongly favored by field players. Lucid periodically updates the Full-90 branding, by designing identity, packaging and one of a kind products. Lucid is not only in charge of print graphic design but is also responsible for the design and development of the Full90 website. VIEW WEBSITE ‹ Back ...